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Play to Earn Crypto: Meta Masters Guild Launches Fourth Presale Stage

• Jim Crypto reviewed the trending Play-to-Earn crypto Meta Masters Guild and its native coin MEMAG.
• The Meta Masters Guild presale has raised over $2.5 million, with one MEMAG token currently priced at $0.016.
• The MEMAG token will support various features in the Meta Masters Guild ecosystem such as rare NFTs.

Jim Crypto Reviews Meta Masters Guild

Jim Crypto recently reviewed the trending Play-to-Earn crypto Meta Masters Guild and its native coin MEMAG which is on the tail end of its fourth stage of presale.

Revolutionizing Mobile Web3 Gaming

The Meta Masters Guild intends to revolutionize the Web3 gaming industry by creating the first robust mobile gaming platform in this space. It aims to change the way people play games by making them more fun and rewarding, and offering an open world for exploration regardless of location. Additionally, this exciting new ecosystem will include amazing rare NFTs.

Fourth Stage of MEMAG Token Presale Almost Complete

The fourth stage of MEMAG Token Presale is almost complete, with investors showing tremendous interest raising over $2.5 million so far! At the time of writing, each token was priced at $0.016, but is scheduled to increase to $0.019 once all seven stages are finished within two days time – a great opportunity for those who want to get involved!

Incomparable Meta Masters Guild Ecosystem

The MEMAG token will support all features in the uniqueMeta Masters Guild ecosystem upon completion of presale stages including the exciting rare NFTs that can be used in game play or traded on markets like OpenSea or Rarible for profit potential!


The success achieved by Meta Master’s Guild during their initial four phases demonstrates great potential for their future expansion into developing a thriving mobile Web3 gaming environment with many opportunities for users to enjoy fun and rewarding experiences while earning rewards along the way!