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Bitcoin Reaches New Heights: Anthony Scaramucci is Still a Big Fan

Anthony Scaramucci’s Bitcoin Bullishness

• Anthony Scaramucci of Skybridge Capital is highly bullish on bitcoin, and cites the currency’s recent surge to $30K as a sign that 2023 will be a recovery year for BTC.
• He believes that the mainstream media attention and wider wallet availability have led to some issues with fraud and over-leverage in the crypto space.
• Despite this, Scaramucci is confident that bitcoin will end 2024 in the $40K – $50K range.

Anthony Scaramucci: More Bullish Than Ever on Bitcoin

Skybridge Capital founder Anthony Scaramucci has revealed he’s never been more bullish on bitcoin than he is now. The world’s number one digital currency recently hit $30K for the first time in about 11 months, signaling a potential reversal of 2020’s market downturn.

Scaramucci believes that these boom-bust cycles correlate with bitcoin halvings, and that another halving event occurring in 2024 could lead to further price increases. He also noted how much more attention mainstream media outlets are giving cryptocurrency lately, which could be responsible for some of the rising and falling seen in bitcoin’s current market cycle.

Wallet Availability Brings Increased Fraud Risk

The increased availability of wallets has created an environment where fraud is easier to carry out than ever before, something Scaramucci feels has hurt crypto’s reputation and legitimacy. This negative sentiment was amped up by events like FTX, Celsius, and Block Fi collapsing in America, as well as new SEC Chairman Gary Gensler’s anti-crypto stance.

Bitcoin’s Resilience Despite Challenges

Despite all these challenges facing cryptocurrency markets right now, Scaramucci insists bitcoin is an “incredibly sturdy” asset class with strong anti-fragility properties. He predicts it will end 2024 at somewhere between $40K – 50K per coin – barring any manipulation or interference from people like Charlie Munger or Jamie Dimon who have made it their mission to bring down BTC prices.


In conclusion, Anthony Scaramucci remains highly bullish on bitcoin despite ongoing issues with fraud and manipulation attempts from powerful figures such as Warren Buffett’s right hand man Charlie Munger or JPMorgan head Jamie Dimon. He sees huge potential for growth over the coming years leading up to the next halving event scheduled for 2024, when he expects BTC prices to reach somewhere between $40K – 50K per coin